What is mortgage finance?

Mortgage financing is a method that helps the client to own real estate units, whether for residential or commercial purposes. The applicant benefits from the financing as long as possible for repayment.

What are the advantages of mortgage finance?

  • Al Ahly Mortgage Finance offers you many products, payment systems and financing solutions.
  • The term mortgage financing may reach 15 years.
  • The main guarantee in mortgage financing is the property being financed.
  • In mortgage financing, it is possible to combine more than one income and more than one partner.

Is it possible to acquire a Mortgage against the guarantee of the currently owned unit?

Yes, you can do that through the product of lease-to-own, and this product allows you to obtain financing with the guarantee of any unit you own, whether it is residential, commercial or administrative.


Is it possible to make an early settlement of the remaining amount during the financing period?

Yes, the customer can pay the remaining amount as an accelerated payment with the fees due for that.


Can I rent the unit to others?

Yes, the customer can lease the unit to third parties provided that he informs the company of his intention to lease in writing and in advance with obtaining written approval from the company before the lease and that the customer remains fully responsible for the implementation of his obligations.


Does the value of the finance cost remain constant throughout the financing period?

A variable interest system that is linked to the change in the average loan rate index and the discount announced by the Central Bank of Egypt.

Are there units or projects owned by the company?

There are no units or projects owned by the company.

Is it possible to add one or more partners for mortgage financing?

Yes, it is possible to combine more than one partner.


Can the company finance units that are not registered in the real estate registry?

Yes, this type of unit can be financed in the absence of any property violation.